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Kitt is a seasoned lawyer with nearly three decades of post-admission experience. After commencing practice as a property lawyer in his hometown of New Plymouth, he moved to Auckland in 1997, where he specialised in environmental and resource management law, commencing practice as a Barrister sole in 2000. Since then he has practiced almost exclusively in resource management, property, public law, and related regulatory areas.

As one of the founders of Quay Chambers in 2007, Kitt has advised a diverse range of individual and corporate clients seeking approvals across a various industries, as well assisting non-profit environmental protection groups.

Kitt’s extensive expertise includes advising on resource development and statutory planning projects at all stages, with specialties in urban redevelopment, rural subdivision, coastal and maritime development, retirement, childcare, waste management, and ports. With over 250 local authority hearings under his belt, Kitt is a familiar face in the Environment Court, and has appeared in the District Court, Maori Land Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court on numerous occasions.

Additionally, Kitt has been qualified as an Independent Commissioner under the Ministry for the Environment’s program since 2008. He has conducted over 100 notified application hearings, held a Chair endorsement since 2014, and undertaken Commissioner work for several local authorities, including Auckland, Far North, Whangarei, Kaipara, Hastings and New Plymouth. Notably, he was a panel member for the full review of the New Plymouth District Council’s Proposed District Plan, NZ’s first full e-plan prepared under the Planning Standards.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for “big-picture thinking”, Kitt excels in navigating the intricacies of resource management and development procedures in New Zealand. His exceptional interpersonal, communication, and advocacy skills also make him adept at resolving complex issues and handling intellectual challenges with ease.


  • LLB, BA – University of Canterbury (Admitted 1993)
  • The Law Association Inc
  • NZ Bar Association
  • Resource Management Law Association
  • Institute of Directors
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