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WILLIAMENA SIM Special Counsel

Williamena is a Special Counsel in the Commercial Property team. Her experience spans the full range of acquisitions and disposals of commercial property, property development projects specialising in complex large scale subdivisions including unit title developments, design and build leasing, vendor and purchaser due diligence investigations and advising clients on managing their portfolios of commercial properties for both private and sector clients. She has been the trusted advisor to many clients at a large global law firm over the past two decades providing relevant risk based and commercial advice.


  • Providing quick and pragmatic advise to the legal and property asset management team at the largest supermarket operator in New Zealand in respect of its property portfolio.
  • Advising and negotiating design and build leasing of industrial property for prestige car brand.
  • Carrying large scale residential land development projects in Auckland, including negotiating section 17 Public Works Act agreement in respect of land taken for the widening of an Auckland motorway for publicly listed company in New Zealand.
  • Redevelopment projects including land covenants and easement rearrangements for shopping centres in Auckland.


  • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (conjoint), 1993
  • Bachelor of Laws 1996
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